The best Non Alcoholic Mexican Drinks you should try

Non Alcoholic Mexican Drinks are a very tasty drink. When asked about drinks in Mexican, you will surely be introduced to a variety of drinks including Mexican Flag Shot or Mexican Candy Shot which are very delicious. However, in the hot summer, there are other delicious drinks to help you quench your thirst and rehydrate the body. Sometimes they will become your first choice with those close and dear to you.

Mexican drinks look very special because they combine a lot of rich ingredients. They have a lot of different flavors from sweet to sour or sometimes a bit salty, don’t you think it’s strange? Because they include ingredients like masa, fresh fruit, rice and vegetables to create delicious and nutritious drinks. Among them are drinks that have been around for a long time, helping indigenous people to travel long distances without worrying about food shortages. But no matter what drinks you try, I’m sure you’ll find them delicious. Here are the Non-Alcoholic Mexican Drinks that i have featured and are the best of Mexican that you should try.

1. Strawberry Agua Frescas

There are many Agua Frescas prepared with different fruits. But for me personally, the best is Strawberry Agua Fresca because strawberries contain vitamins C, K, E, Potassium, Fiber, and Minerals. Strawberry Agua Fresca has an aromatic and mildly sweet taste, extremely suitable for hot weather.

Strawberry Agua Frescas

What is Agua Fresca?

Agua Fresca is a very old traditional Mexican drink. They do not contain alcohol and are made from one or more fruits, grains, and flowers mixed with sugar and water. They are sold in Mexican and southern parts of the United States. Ricipe Agua Fresca.

In Mexican, Agua Fresca usually comes in the following flavors:

Fruit: Strawberry, Mango, Oranges, Watermelon, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Papaya.

Grain: Chia seeds, Cebada, Horchata

Flowers: Hibiscus, Alfalfa, Vanilla

2. Champurrado

If in the summer i recommend you Agua Fresca, in the winter in Mexican, Champurrado is an indispensable drink in your vacation. Enjoy a warm cup of Champurrado to help you forget the cold of winter, you will have a more complete holiday with family and loved ones.


What is Champurrado?

Champurrado is a warm and thick drink made from Mexican chocolate. They are heated with masa harina (corn flour), piloncillo (cane sugar), cinnamon or vanilla, water, and milk. After finishing Champurrado smooth, thick, very fragrant.

Champurrado is served in the cold season as well as in the mornings when you need a simple yet nutritious breakfast. Not only that, it is also drunk on holidays like Christmas or major Mexican holidays. Recipe Champurrado.

3. Virgin Sangria

As you know Sangria is a Mexican drink that is a combination of alcohol and fruit. But not every party or date is when your partner knows how to drink. To save you from such a situation, I will introduce you to a very tasty drink called Virgin Sangria A non-alcoholic beverage that looks no different from traditional Sangria.

Virgin Sangria

Drinks suitable for all families

Virgin Sangria is a beverage made entirely from fruit and juice, so it is suitable for all ages in your family.

You can use beautiful colored juices like: cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, apple juice, grape juice. You can also use non-alcoholic wines, which are also quite interesting.

Fruit: Personally, I like oranges, lemons, strawberries, and pomegranate seeds. You can also add your favorite fruits or have them in the fridge. Recipe Virgin Sangria

4. Horchata

Another summer drink that i would highly recommend is the Horchata. You may be a little confused because it is also in the Agua Fresca section. But it’s a staple and extremely popular drink in Mexican. In each place people create variations of Horchata, but in Mexican alone, rice is used as the main ingredient for this drink.


What is Horchata?

Horchata or Orxata is a traditional drink in Mexican, in Alvarado horchata rice is flavored with Aztec chrysanthemums. This Mexican non-alcoholic drink is all you need to be refreshing, simple and delicious. I am sure that with this recipe you will feel more delicious than going to a restaurant to drink Horchata. Its Ingredients include: rice, almonds, cinnamon, water, sugar, vanilla, milk. You can substitute different types of milk and rice depending on your preference. How to make Horchata.

5. Atole de Elote

Atole de Elote is a hot beverage of Mexican origin. Although used year – round, most Mexicans will drink them around Christmas with the traditional dates in their country. Everyone has a different way of preparing it, but no matter what, a cup of Atole must be smooth and delicious. Sometimes they like it in the form of a soup to enjoy on a good morning.

Atole de Elote

What is Atole de Elote?

Atole de Elote is an ancient beverage made from milk and masa combined with flavors of cinnamon and vanilla. Masa is the flour used to make tortillas. In the past, they were mixed with water, but now they are combined with milk to increase the richness and aroma of Atole de Elote. Recipe for Atole de Elote.

Difference between Atole and Champurrado

Champurrado is a drink made from Mexican chocolate while Atole has no chocolate. They are all made with masa harina, piloncillo, vanilla, cinnamon, milk and water.

6. Licuados


What is Licuados?

Licuados or Batidos, they are popular all over the country of Mexican. The main ingredient is fresh seasonal fruit, combined with milk, sugar, cinnamon. They are a light and cool breakfast dish in hot weather. Licuados can also add vegetables or nuts to increase the interest. If you don’t like cow’s milk, you can substitute it with soy milk, almond milk, or oat milk. Recipe for Licuados

Licuados you can try

  • Licuados blueberries have antioxidants, anthocyanins that have anti-aging effects, which are very suitable for women to keep their youthful features.
  • Licuados banana vitamin B6, vitamin A, C to help beautify the skin and prevent acne for women.
  • Licuados mango helps keep the heart healthy, with magnesium and potassium content will help your blood vessels stay strong and healthy.
  • Licuados Strawberries provide the body with many vitamin nutrients such as vitamins A, C, B, E and antioxidants. Not only that, they also help you lose weight effectively because they contain a lot of fiber, energy, and sodium and are low in sugar.

What is the difference between Licuados and Agua Frescas

By contrast with Agua Fresca, which are made in advance and ladled from large jars, and other drinks such as refrescos and jugos, which are typically mass-produced and bottled, Licuados are blended and made to order.

The main difference between a Licuados and an American-style smoothie is that Licuados use a milk base, whereas smoothies use fruit juice, sometimes in combination with sherbet or yogurt.

7. Chilate


What is Chilate?

Chilate is a popular drink in El Salvador. They are refreshing drinks made with cocoa, rice and sugar. Chilate is derived from Ayutla de los Libres, Guerrero, Mexican. Chilate has the same consistency as Atole but the difference iss that Chilate is drunk cold instead of hot like Atole and does not contain sugar. Chilate recipe.

The best Non Alcoholic Mexican Drinks you should try

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