Best Mexican Flag Shot recipe

Looking for a simple yet delicious recipe for Mexican Flag Shot? So you don’t have to look anywhere else once you’re here. In addition, we also introduce you to many other equally interesting drinks, which is Best Mexican Candy Shot recipe a drink with a very unique Mexican sweet and spicy taste. Whether you are a bartender, an expert bartender, or just want to make your own at home to enjoy, Here we can show you how to make a fiery cup of Mexican Flag Shot.

Mexican Flag Shot

You will love this drink?

This cocktail is also known as Bandera Mexican, they are created from the idea of the Mexican flag with 3 typical colors: red, white and green. Bandera Mexicana is the perfect drink for Cinco de Mayo, or any time in life when you’re feeling happy and in love with this delicious drink. This is an attractive drink, for dates. You can invite friends on a cool weekend night to go to the bar, join in fun parties and enjoy interesting glasses of Mexican Flag Shot.

How to make a clear layered cocktail?

Typical three – tier drinks include the Mexican Flag Shot with Grenadine’s red, Peppermint Liqueur’s green and Tequila Silver’s white. So each ingredient is gently poured in. Use a bartender’s spoon or teaspoon so you don’t mix up the ingredients in the glass. If you feel the ingredients are slowly mixing together, it means you should slow down to get the effect you want, Mexican Flag Shot recipe.

More information about Mexican Flag Shot

During the Cinco de Mayo festival, the shooting of the Mexican flag is an indispensable drink, especially the color of this drink. In the vibrant red scene, vibrant music, you definitely have to drink a glass to add excitement to your emotions when participating in Cinco de Mayo. You can also substitute the ingredients in that cocktail with other wines for an extra kick that showcases the “flaming” Mexican flag.

Traditional Mexican drinks you should try

  1. Tequila Made from fermented green agave. You can enjoy different varieties, like blanco and reposado. It will be an attractive drink, for dates. You can invite your friends on a cool weekend to the pub, join fun parties and enjoy exciting glasses of Mexican Flag Shot. Or simple Tequila glasses with a traditional feature of the Mexican people. I’m sure you’ll love these drinks.
  2. Mezcal is made from other types of agave.
  3. Margaritas are the most popular answer to the question “What are some traditional Mexican drinks?” Every place in Mexican has a different recipe.
  4. Craft Beers While tequila is often the first answer to the traditional Mexican drink question, beer is the next answer. It can match any beer in the world in terms of taste as well as deliciousness.
  5. Agua Fresca It is a very tasty Mexican non-alcoholic drink. You can refer to the article The best non-alcoholic Mexican drinks you should try that I wrote.
  6. Mexican Wines is a wine produced in the Baja peninsula where vineyards are growing. Although not as famous as French wine, it is worth a try.
  7. Agua de Jamaica is a tea brewed from dried hibiscus flowers. It has a mildly sweet taste and is served with things like tacos or enchiladas.
  8. Raicilla is also made from green agave, but it differs from tequila in that it has more fruity and floral flavors.
  9. Michelada is a type of beer with added juice. It’s a very unique Mexican drink.
  10. Paloma is a popular cocktail in Mexico, it is made with tequila along with grapefruit soda and some lemon.
Best Mexican Flag Shot recipe

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