Best Mexican Candy Shot recipe

Mexican Candy Shot

In the fun parties with your friends and family, a cup of Mexican Candy Shot is really an interesting, attractive and extremely impressive drink. It has a strange sweet and spicy taste with an easy recipe you can replace it’s sweetness with different fruits like strawberries, raspberries instead of watermelon like the recipe.

It is a drink you find very beautiful and unique but very easy to make. You just need to pay little attention to the ratio of mixing so that their taste balance is perfect.

What is Mexican Candy Shot ?

Mexican Candy Shots is a sweet and spicy drink inspired by Mexican-style lollipops (paleta) flavored with watermelon topped with chili powder. The traditional liquor version is where they pair tequila and watermelon shnapps. The first time you drink it, you will feel the sweetness of the juice, very interesting.

What is the right juice for Mexican Candy Shot ?

From the start, watermelon juice was the soul of the Mexican Candy Shot recipe. Watermelon is a sweet, watery tropical fruit, they have a very attractive rose and red color when drinking.

However, to make a difference for the drink, you can replace watermelon with other fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, guava juice, rose red color will help the drink retain it original color but very different and interesting taste. In addition, Tabasco sauce, Tequila along with lemon, sugar, chili powder will be kept. Mexican Candy Shot recipe

Taste of Mexican Candy Shot?

Mexican Candy Shot is a drink that is both spicy and sweet. Their taste comes from the coating of sugar and paprika on the sides of the glass combined with the sweetness of the juice

Can you substitute other alcohols in Mexican Candy Shot?

You can replace tequila with other Mexican liquors like tequila blanco, reposado, anejo, mezcal. You can also replace it with a non-Mexican alcohol like vodka, but it won’t have the typical Mexican flavor.

Variations if you want to drink

1. Mexican Candy Jello Shot

2. Mexican Mad Dog

3. Mango Mexican Candy Shot

4. Mexican Flag Shot

Best Mexican Candy Shot recipe

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