10 Best Tomato Juice Substitute Recipes You’ll Love

Tomato juice is a beverage as well as an ingredient for some of the most popular dishes you will ever know. They provide a lot of nutrition and help you quench your thirst on hot summer days. But for some health reasons or because you just ran out of tomato juice in your home, you need to substitute for tomato juice in your recipes. In the following article, I will help you solve those problems so that it is more convenient for you to create delicious dishes for your family.

1. Creamy Tomato Soup

Creamy Tomato Soup

Creamy Tomato Soup is the food I’ve been cooking for my mother since I was little.

It takes less than 20 minutes to prepare and is incredibly simple to create.

The tomatoes, tomato juice, spices, and heavy cream should all be crushed. Sadly, if your home runs out of tomato juice, you can substitute the components I listed at the end of the post.

Along with some simple-to-make chips, we served this creamy tomato soup.

It’s ideal for chilly evenings or whenever you simply want a hearty cup of soup. Recipes Creamy Tomato Soup.

2. Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup is a simple and versatile recipe that’s healthy and packed with lots of flavor and veggies.

The soup can be stored for one to three months in an upright freezer or four months in a deep freezer.

Fresh veggies should be added to the initial boil along with the carrots and celery if you’re using them. For an even thicker soup, you can substitute ketchup for the tomato juice in this recipe.

Black pepper elevates the soup, so I suggest adding some. Recipes Vegetable Soup.

3. Vegetable Beef Soup

Vegetable Beef Soup

This beef and vegetable soup is delicious and easy to make.

This soup is cooked with beef, corn, carrots, peas, green beans, a little broth and tomato juice. You can replace tomato juice with other ingredients that I write below depending on what you have at home, you can be creative with this dish.

A dish that is very suitable for you and your family to enjoy in the cold winter. Recipes Vegetable Beef Soup.

4. Gazpacho


In about 15 minutes, the most genuine, fresh tomato Gazpacho will be ready.

This cold, reviving Spanish tomato soup has long been a favorite of mine.

If you don’t have roma tomato juice, you may complete this dish in the tastiest possible way by substituting ketchup in the ratio I’ve provided below.

Everyone in this place like to eat something light and cool to beat the summer heat. Recipes Gazpacho.

5. Classic Homemade Chili

Classic Homemade Chili

Everyone needs a good Classic Homemade Chili recipe and this recipe is simply perfect!

It is made with ground beef (or ground turkey). If you want to make it tastier, add more cayenne pepper, chopped jalapeños, and maybe a little change of tomato juice with other ingredients below my post to suit your family better. Recipes Classic Homemade Chili.

6. Pisco, Tomato Juice and Fresh Scallops

Pisco, Tomato Juice and Fresh Scallops

A dish that combines the salty taste of seafood in nutritious scallops and fresh vegetables with a delightful tomato juice. If you don’t have tomato juice available in your home, that’s okay, you can refer to the evening’s substitute ingredients at the end of the article to have a new weekend dish for yourself and your family. I’m sure they will love this dish of yours. Recipes Pisco, Tomato Juice and Fresh Scallops.

7. Manicotti


A mouthwatering cheese filling is rolled within noodles for this delectable filled Manicotti recipe, and it is then topped with a simple red sauce.

The red sauce complements the spices in this dish beautifully and has a nice flavor. Instead of tomato juice, ketchup works equally well if you prefer a thicker sauce.

This dish is simple to prepare and a household staple! Recipes Manicotti.

8. Sourdough Tomato Amish Friendship Bread

Sourdough Tomato Amish Friendship Bread

This Amish Friendship Bread Sourdough Tomato was sliced, toasted, and buttery. This dish is very amazing! a bread that is ideal for sandwiches.

To mix the dough up to a smooth dough, a stand mixer with a dough hook works best. Let the bread cool off under a fresh towel for a nice crust. Allow to cool without a dishtowel for a more robust European crust. Recipes Sourdough Tomato Amish Friendship Bread.

9. Speedy Chicken Drumettes Stewed in Tomato Juice

Speedy Chicken Drumettes Stewed in Tomato Juice

We’re going to prepare a special dish today: tomato juice-based chicken stew. A favorite of mine. I’m going to try something a little different this time. At the conclusion of my post, I shall substitute those items for the tomato juice. It will appear great and smell good.

Drumettes of chicken One of the most often consumed dishes worldwide is stew made with tomato juice. It is simple, quick, and tasty. Every day, millions of people appreciate it. My all-time favorite stew is tomato juice with chicken drumettes. They look fantastic and are lovely. Recipes Speedy Chicken Drumettes Stewed in Tomato Juice.

10. Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

This healthy slow cooker beef casserole is the perfect easy dinner of the week that you can prepare in advance! on these busy evenings to get healthy, delicious, and family-approved dinners on the table.

If you want the stew to be a bit thicker, you can combine a little more galangal starch with the beef broth or juice from the stew, then stir to combine. And instead of tomato juice, you should add ketchup to get the texture you want. Recipes Slow Cooker Beef Stew.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tomato Juice?

In 1917, Louis Perrin introduced tomato juice as a beverage at the French Lick Springs hotel in southern Indiana after running out of orange juice and needing a last-minute replacement.
In Canada and Mexico, tomato juice is commonly mixed with beer; the concoction is known in Canada as Calgary Red-Eye, and in Mexico as Cerveza preparada. Tomato juice is the base for the cocktails Bloody Mary and Bloody Caesar, and the cocktail mixer Clamato.
In the UK, Worcestershire sauce and tomato juice are frequently combined.
Chilled tomato juice was formerly popular as an appetizer at restaurants in the United States.

Nutrition in Tomato Juice

Tomato juice has a lot of nutrients such as: Sodium, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Protein, vitamins A, C, Calcium, Iron, Potassium.

Why Substitute For Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is very good for the health of you and your family, but if you use too much, it will cause side effects on your body.
1. Acid Reflux: Tomatoes have malic acid and citric acid, which make your stomach overly acidic.
2. Allergies: Tomatoes contain a compound called histamine that can lead to rashes or allergies on the skin.
3. Kidney Stones: It sounds surprising but eating too many tomatoes can lead to the formation of kidney stones in the body. This is because tomatoes are rich in calcium and oxalates which, when present in excess, are not easily metabolized or eliminated from the body.
4. Joint pain: Eating too many tomatoes can lead to swelling and pain in the joints. This is due to the presence of an alkaloid called solanin. This compound is responsible for the accumulation of calcium in tissues, which leads to inflammation.
5. Lycopenodermia: It is a condition where excessive amounts of lycopene in the blood can lead to skin discoloration.
6. Diarrhea: Your tomatoes can carry salmonella, the bacteria that causes diarrhea.

10 Best Tomato Juice Substitutes

1. Tomato sauce: Although the texture is not the same, you can make it so by adding water. Ketchup and water can be combined in an equal ratio. To create the perfect tomato juice, combine everything and use it in your dishes.
2. Diced canned tomatoes: Diced canned tomatoes are a readily available tomato-based alternative to tomato juice. They are canned tomatoes with calcium, tomato juice, and freshly chopped tomatoes.
3. Tomato soup: Although the texture and flavor may vary, the main tomato flavor will remain the same. For a texture similar to juice, you’ll need water to make it more liquid. Use one part soup with three parts water.
4. Ketchup: Tomato ketchup is denser and thicker, so the taste and texture may vary, but you can make it similar to tomato juice by adding water. For 1 part ketchup, you will need 8 parts water to get almost the same texture.
5. Vegetable broth: You can always use what you have at hand and adjust the concentration. Depending on the type of vegetable broth, you can make it to taste similar to tomato juice.
6. Tamarind: Another suitable substitute for tomato juice is tamarind which, thanks to its aromatic flavor and rich color, will be ideal for your recipes. Use equal amounts with water or adjust based on other ingredients.
7. Fresh tomatoes: It’s a healthy option, but keep in mind that you need to remove the seeds before using. You can add additional water if the texture is not loose enough. Use one large tomato for a spoonful of ketchup in your cooking.
8. Beet juice: You can easily substitute beet juice in almost any recipe that calls for tomato juice. The sweetness and earthy taste of beet juice may not be the same, but they will suit your recipe. You can always add a little lemon to get the same taste.
9. Roasted red peppers: The red color of red peppers will be the perfect substitute for tomato juice in your dishes. All you need to do is mix the peppers with water until the perfect consistency is achieved.
10. Tomato paste: The texture is different but you can achieve the same by adding water. Use four parts water to 1 part tomato paste and mix it all together.

10 Best Tomato Juice Substitute Recipes You’ll Love

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